Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan (January 4)

I never in a million years thought that planning a week of meals from my own pantry (and fridge and freezer) would be this difficult.  I mean, for those of you who know me, I LOVE to cook.  Never mind the fact that my job revolves around an industrial kitchen for crying out loud.  So, WHY, I ask you, is this so darn difficult?

It's because I am forcing myself to take the time and actually plan what we will do. I know that in the long run this is going to make things so much easier - especially considering that one hour commute I have to take each evening. 

I am only posting dinners for now.  With that commute, breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal right before leaving or a grilled cheese sandwich in the car.  Lunches for Big B are usually leftovers or a sandwich.  I usually am able to grab a bite at work (perk of the job).

So, deep breath goes!
Sunday - Scalloped Potatoes with Ham, Green Beans
Monday - Spaghetti and Meatballs
Tuesday - Crockpot Chili
Wednesday - Voila Package (Big B will be playing drums, so no need to really cook!)
Thursday - Navy Beans and Corn Bread
Friday - Tex Mex Rice and Beans

Whew - done.  I can't believe looking back at this list that it took me so long to come up with it - how silly is that?  But it's great to know that I can rest easy this week when I get home each night.  I might even make a few of these dishes a little early and not have to worry about it at all!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!   Cheers!

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  1. Hi DeeDee, come on back over and see little Ms. Ava Lynn. Groceries for 75.00 a month...are you kidding me? I spent $185.00 on just Bobby G. and me yesterday for two weeks. Of course I bought things like a fresh pineapple (4.00) and bagged greens at $4.00. So with just two things I was already at almost $10.00. Geez....I will play close attention to your blog so I can aspire to be more like you. I'll be over for the navy beans and cornbread....yummo. xoxo


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