Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Only Takes a Spark to Get a Fire Going

Yesterday I got a little little inkling that the plans and dreams which occasionally swirl about between all the commuting, working, meeting deadlines, commuting some more, making dinner, giving baths, cleaning kitchens, doing laundry, worrying about finances and loving my peeps, might just actually materialize one day.

You see, I needed to get out for a few...a little "me time" if you will.   I started driving around my little country town - my sweet, quiet, a little rough around the edges, too far from the city where I work town.  It was snowing (ok, flurrying), the fields were covered as far as the eye could see, and there was quiet.  Just me and the jazz station.  Ahhhhh....

On the edge of town there is a consignment house that I have passed many times, it was just never the "right" time to stop in.  But yesterday was different, so I decided to stop in and see what was up.   I walk in, and the most pleasant woman (Beth the owner) was behind the counter.

The great thing about the consignment house is that it's just that...a house.  Each room has different items, and there are even "kitcheny" things in the kitchen.  But to me, the greatest thing was the sense of community I felt when I walked in.  A woman in town who runs her own business, supporting other women in our town.  There are items from women who create jewelry, women who make the most deliciously scented homemade hand sanitizers and lotions and really unique artwork, in addition to the usual consignment type clothing items. 

The curious me started asking Beth how the business came to be, how business is considering the pace of our town, etc.  The more we talked the more encouraged I became that one day I will have my own photography business.  I started divulging to Beth that "when I grow up" I want to make pictures for a living.  As I browsed the racks of gently used shoes, I heard a voice coming from the other room.  "Hey Dee..."  "Yes ma'am?"  "I have an idea!"  "Oh yeah?"  "Do you take pictures of just people or other things"  "A little bit of everything, actually."  "Why don't you bring me a few of your pictures.  I'll hang them around here...that way people will see them and you can get your stuff and your name out there."  "Really, are you serious?"  "Yes, totally!" From there, we continued to talk for about thirty more minutes about stuff as I continued to browse throughout the house - and I was VERY excited about my new opportunity.  (I bought Little A's valentine's gifts too!  Supporting the local small business!!) 

As I brought my purchases to the counter, Beth gave me papers explaining the consigning policies.  Then she said "Dee S, I'm going to remember're fun!"  And with that, a dream just got a little bit closer to becoming a reality.

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  1. As I often tell others, it takes just one small light (spark) to ignite the flame in others and guide you on your path.
    Go where your heart leads you and be inspired by your passion.


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