Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Little Goal Setting

Last night I started thinking about my first blog post of 2010, and reflecting on 2009 immediately came to mind.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't want to focus on the past.  Now I am all about learning from our past wins and losses, but I am ready to get started MOVING FORWARD!

With that, here is a list of goals I've made for 2010...

1 - Only spend $75 per month on groceries and food. Yes, that's right 7-5.

2 - Before the beginning of each month, spend all of our money on paper before we actually SPEND all of our money.

3 - Sit down with Big B (at least) once per week to discuss our budget.

4 - Take the debit cards out of our wallets and use only cash.  This one scares the dickens out of me, but I know we can do it.

5 - Find a church that Big B, Little A, and I all love and attend regularly.

6 - Menu plan either for the week or for the month (not sure which is going to be more doable at this point, and I need to figure out my $75 a month approach.  I really haven't decided if I will try a once a month grocery trip, or shop the deals each week.  It's just so time consuming to go each week.)

7 - Find a "me" activity outside the house.  Big B is a drummer in a band, and he gets out once a week with the guys.  I really need to find something for me, too.

Ok - that's it for now.  I've never actually set goals like this for myself and my family, and I have never, ever put them out there for the world to see - can you say accountability?

I must say that I am truly looking forward to all that 2010 has to offer.  I am more determined than ever to get out of debt and to begin living the life I know I was meant to live.  My prayer is that each of you reading this has a happy and healthy 2010.


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