Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God Knits...Who Knew?

As I've mentioned previously, we have a long car ride each morning and each evening.  One never knows what the topic of conversation will be on these journeys, but today's was extra special.

Little A: "Look Mommy, that cloud looks like a dolphin!"

Me:  "It sure does...what else do you see?"

Little A:  "That one looks like a snail!  And LOOK!  There's Jesus over there behind that cloud!"

Me: "How cool!  Is he waving at us?"

Little A:  "Yes... (while waving at the sky) and look over there...there's God!"

Me: "Really?  What is God doing over there?"

Little A:  "She's knitting."  Now mind you, she didn't sit there and think about that for any length of time...it is what automatically came to mind.  (And have I mentioned before that Little A thinks God is a woman?  Well, she does...anything that isn't very obviously of the male species is in her mind...a girl.)

Me:  "She's knitting huh?  (smile in my voice and on my face because that was the very last thing I expected Little A to say)  What is she knitting?"

Little A:  "She's knitting a rock-n-roll T-shirt for Jesus!!!"

So there you have it.  God was knitting a rock-n-roll t-shirt for Jesus.  This is what my 4-year old precious child said to me this morning.  I can't begin to tell you how incredibly awesome it was for me to start my day off this way.  Rock on!

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  1. OMG...that is just too too precious. You must write that conversation down and include it in a memory book!


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