Saturday, June 12, 2010

If You Can't Stand the Heat

It's hot.  And humid.  Really hot and really humid.  So today, Little A and I went pool shopping.  We went everywhere, looking for the just the right one.  Freds?  Nope.  Walgreens?  Nope.  Dollar General?  Nope.  So we ended up at my "love-hate relationship" place...WalMart.  She really wanted one with a slide, but I wasn't willing to pay $350 for an inflatable pool.  Yes, you read that correctly - THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.  Of course the picture on the side of the box did look pretty darn awesome.  But alas, we spent $18 on a "snap" pool that is big enough for Little A to float in, and for me and Big B to cool off in also. 

We got it home, unrolled it, and turned on the hose for what felt like an eternity.  "What's THAT gonna do to the water bill?" I thought to myself.  But it's hot, so we went for it.  And the water...the water was cold...really cold!  And oh so refreshing.  Little A was a splishin' and a splashin' and loving every minute of it.  Which made mama very happy.

Hope you are enjoying YOUR Saturday...and staying cool!


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  1. Oh, Dee, I recently went through exactly the same thing!! Last year I swore to buy a pool and could never afford it, so I still have not bought one! The one I would just LOVE to get was on sale at Big Lot's for $219.00, but didn't have that much to spend on a pool right then so we STILL don't have one. I will probably end up getting a smaller one if I can find the right size. Thanks so much for your comment on the Reese's Twins. They really are good and I am a sucker for them! Did you look farther and see the recipe for the payday clone? Take care, Friend.


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