Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Menu Plan (February 8)

Sorry it's a little late - but we had a pretty big weekend!  So here we go...

I am still in the process of using up what we have in the cupboards / freezer, so most of this is already on hand.  I made a few purchases this weekend, but have not hit my $75 grocery limit yet!

Monday - Sweet and Sour Chicken with Noodles and Broccoli (had it last night and it was pretty yummy - it was one of those "Semi-Homemade" type meals that was quick and easy.)  We had leftover chicken nugget type things (from watching the Saints beat the Colts - sorry Colts fans!).  So I put those babies in the oven, boiled half a box of spaghetti noodles, and some broccoli.  I had some asian dressing left in the fridge, so the noodles and broccoli were tossed together with a little dressing, plus a dash of salt and pepper.  Place noodles / broccoli mixture in bottom of bowl, top with chunks of chicken, and add a little extra dressing or sweet and sour sauce.  This could also be done with grilled chicken for a healthier meal.  

Tuesday - White Chicken Chili - I use (and LOVE)  McCormick White Chicken Chili seasoning packet.  It is soooo good, quick and very easy.  And it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.  Honestly, it tastes like you simmered it all day.  Now, let it be said that I would prefer to use my own seasonings so I can control what we are eating, but with our time constraints, it is helpful to use the packet.  If anyone has ideas for creating my own spice packets, please send them my way!

Wednesday - JOHN MAYER concert / DATE NIGHT!!!!  I am so excited about this one.  It's an early birthday present from Big B...so it will be dinner out - yay!  More to come on this one!

Thursday - Chopped Steak with onions and gravy, egg noodles, and sauteed green beans.  We still have slider patties in the freezer, so I will use these as my chopped steak.  Onions are already on hand and I have a jar of beef base to make the gravy (Christmas gift from a vendor - score!).  I purchased No Yolks noodles this weekend with a .75 cents off coupon (made them about .50 cents for the bag) and a bag of frozen green beans for $1.69.     Talk about an inexpensive but comforting meal.  Wow, is it Thursday yet?

Friday - Ham, Broccoli and Cheese Omelettes (or a quiche / not sure yet!) - breakfast for dinner...talk about an inexpensive way to get the job done.   I have a can of biscuits on hand, so we'll probably have those too.

Saturday - Spaghetti Dinner.  I think I'm going to pull a fast one on Little A this time and add some carrots to the sauce.  I have some baby carrots that need to be used up...I would eat them all myself, but I really need to make sure she is getting a variety of veggies.  So I will put them in the pressure cooker (trust me, there is no better way to cook and enjoy carrots!), puree them and add them to my sauce. 

Sunday - we'll see what all is left and play it by ear. 

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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  1. Hi there! I loved your menu plan and am going to try some of the dishes myself. I think it is a great money saver to prepare meals from a menu. I keep saying I am making menus for an entire month, but never seem to do it. I hope you will post more as I really enjoyed my visit. Happy cooking and meal planning, Friend!!


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