Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There's a Hole in My Bucket

Do you remember that Happy Days episode when The Fonz tried to say I love you and it sounded more like I lu...I luuuh... I luuuhhv yew?  Well, that's how I feel about admitting this little nugget.  I have bu...I have buuuck...oh alright already - I have Bucket List envy!

Wow, that's a load off.  It's embarrassing really, but I just can't help it. Every bucket list I've ever read is so creative, so full of cool and exciting ideas, challenges, hopes and dreams. And I've got nuthin'.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Heck, the first thing on my bucket list is to CREATE A BUCKET LIST! How sad is that?  What is wrong with me?  I think need to get out a little more. 

I hope you will share your list - I really do find them fascinating.  And I will be wracking my brain for the next few weeks to come up with my own list - hopefully :)


Share Your List!


  1. LOL...would you believe I don't have a bucket list? Maybe I should create one. And maybe the first thing on it should be a visit from you all real soon. xoxo A. Lynn

  2. Aunt Lynn, of all people, no I can't believe you don't have a bucket list. I love your idea! I need to add that to my list for sure :)


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