Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sprucing Up a Bit

Dilemma - I love to decorate, but I don't really decorate my own house that much because I don't like to spend the money on it.  Now, if someone handed me $500 and asked me to decorate for THEM, easy peasy.  So when I do go shopping for home decor, I am a fanatic for Home Goods and TJ Maxx.  (Not to mention the paint department at my local Wal Mart.) 

For as long as I've lived in this house, (going on 8 years) it has always just been sort of ho hum to me.  So Big B and I decided to put a little effort into making our living room the room we've always wanted it to be.  We still have a little bit to go, but so far so good.  Here's the breakdown:

2 Gallons of Paint - $50 (we bought the really good stuff with the primer built in, so it cost a little more)
Prints - $90 for all four
Wall Sconces - $45
Mirror - $30
Pillows - $18
Fireplace - wonderful Christmas gift :)

Since this picture was taken, we've also mounted the speakers to the wall (at the top where you see the wire hanging out of the wall).  It really finishes it off nicely.

Grand total we have spent so far is $233, which I think is pretty good for such a big change.  And we didn't spend it all at once, so it didn't blow the budget.

I will post more pictures of the prints and pillows we purchased soon. And as always, I would love to hear your ideas on how to decorate on the cheap.   Cheers!

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